2018 SORTED!

Most of us are back at work and the first week is always an uncomfortable adjustment…

I am sure you have read many New Year’s resolutions and have some of your own.

I want to break this down to 3 aspects of living:                                                        


Develop new skills to stretch your MIND in the most uncomfortable areas to develop yourself,

– better language use- read more

– better memory retention- exercise your mind by consciously remembering without notes on paper or use of mobile devices


Lifestyle changes lasts longer than instant diets/ crash course training

-know your weaknesses & replace bad habits with a good variety of eating and exercise patterns

-make a lasting change, if you do this consistently for 6 weeks it becomes a habit/ lifestyle


Meditate in your spiritual preference

-quiet time to start your day & quiet time to reflect on your successes and failures of the day

 -use your successes to fuel your energy to deal with the failures

Set up an appointment with:

1.     Your family

-share your goals & personal areas of development to encourage their positive engagement

2.     Your medical physician and trainer/ training partner

-share your goals & evaluate your health & physical improvement

3.     Your Financial Adviser

-start with your Budget, using January as example as it is the worst month for most for cash flow

-set up your Yearly Review to address all aspects of your financial planning

With Body, Mind and Soul in perfect sync, you will have 2018 Sorted!

All the Best!

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