When should you start investing to gain financial freedom?

There is a general misconception about investing and financial freedom.

People often think that they only need to start investing later in life, or when they reach a certain income level. The reality is that we tend to increase our expenses and lifestyle when we get a salary increase. We do not invest enough. This keeps us in the “Employee” category. 

Self Employed people have a bit more flexibility. However, they still have to trade their time for money. They are not financially free.

Business Owners have to ensure their systems and people are working efficiently and productively. With the right systems in place, they can earn a very high income. However, their financial wellbeing is linked to that of the business. They are also not financially free. 

Investors are the only type of people that can truly earn a passive income. Their financial wellbeing is dependent on their financial decision and strategy. With the right advice, these type of people can gain Financial Freedom.

The reality is that people are often overwhelmed by the range of investments available, for example:

Independent financial advisers are not tied to any asset managers or product providers. They can give you an overview of all the investment options available. They should act as your financial coach, guiding you toward appropriate solutions.

After consulting with an independent financial adviser you will have a clear vision of what it takes to gain financial freedom. With your consistent efforts and guidance from your financial adviser, you will reach financial freedom.

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