July is Savings Month

“Don’t save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving”
– Warren Buffet

South Africans are among the world’s worst savers (15.4% of GDP according to an article on Fin24 in 2015).

Far too often in the financial industry do we encounter clients who do not make the necessary provision for their needs:


Children Education

Deposit on a house

Unexpected expenses / Emergency fund


Reasons for this can include a lack of discipline, living beyond your needs or not understanding the different products available to you.

At TVC we can help you understand the products available to you and recommend a product that will suite your lifestyle and address your needs.

A few examples of products and their benefits include:

      Protection from creditors
      Lower Income Tax and CGT for high income earners
      Excluded from executors fees if beneficiary is appointed
      Medium term investment

      Linked investment
      No fixed term
      Can increase/decrease and stop contribution without penalty
      Short-, medium- and long term investment

      Tax-Free Investment
      No tax is charged within the fund
      Can draw tax free income from this product
      No penalties on withdrawal, subject to market value
      Long term investment over and above Retirement Annuity deductions.

      Retirement Annuity
      Tax Benefit – Contributions of up to 27.5% of income can be deducted from       taxable income (to a maximum of R 350 000 per annum)
       Effect of compounding interest over a long term – Start ASAP!
      Long term investment to replace income at retirement.
      You will have access to funds from age 55.

*Note: Terms and conditions apply as disclosed in formal quotations/applications.

July is savings month. Take the time to revise your savings portfolio with us.
Do not save for the big thing. Save for the sake of saving. When the big thing comes, you will be ready.


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