What the Steinhoff ???

We have just completed our investigation into all our clients’ exposure to Steinhoff in:

  • Current Investments
  • Pension- or retirement funds

I have noticed that most of the Asset Managers have reduced exposure over the last few years, cashing in on the high share price of Steinhoff and reducing exposure long before the bomb went off in December 2017, with Marcus Jooste resigning.

Most asset managers have reduced exposure on 6 December of all Funds to under 1% to Steinhoff. We have actively identified those clients that have exposure of more than 1% and suggested Fund switches.

TVC has been pro-active throughout this time to ensure that our client’s investments remain stable and protected through diversifying asset classes within their risk profile.

I trust that this news will offer you peace of mind that we have your back in times of uncertainty.

For more information, see the following responses from Asset Managers:

             Allan Gray on Steinhoff

              Discovery on Steinhoff

              Momentum Steinhoff comment

              Sanlam Steinhoff comment


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