Year-end Checklist – Consult our financial advisers

Don’t let the year run away from you… Consult our financial advisers

Consider the following:

  • Specials on Risk Benefits ( Life Cover, Family/ Parent’s cover, Global Education)
  • Medical Aid: Exercise plan options based on needs for 2018, e.g. basic/core plan + Gap Cover
  • Investments: Protection vs growth, Guarantees, Local vs Offshore
  • Holiday/ Travel check list: electronic travel docs in cloud, Increased Travel Medical Insurance, short term increase for travel valuables.
  • Emergency contact numbers:

Alarm Response, neighbor, family member taking care of pets,

Accident/ Medical aid no when in accident,

Financial advisers for claims on Risk products or Copy of Latest Will.

Contact us to address these needs so that you can enjoy your holiday season with peace of mind.

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