What is Severe Illness Cover?

Severe Illness diagnosis and physical trauma happen suddenly and unexpectedly. These are life-changing events that come with significant financial costs. It is a scary subject to think about, but with the right financial planning, you can address this risk.

Severe Illness Claims Statistics

South Africa Severe Illness Claims Stats 2018 - TVC Wealth and Health Managers

This illustration is designed by our Advisers based on the latest Claims Statistics from Momentum, Liberty, Discovery, and Sanlam.


The latest claims statistics from these insurers clearly shows that Cancer is the leading cause of Severe Illness Claims. The cost of treating cancer can be significant. It may result in the breadwinner not being able to work. In addition, the patient may have to contend with travel expenses, costly treatments not covered by medical aid cover, having to pay for a caregiver, the adaptation of the new lifestyle, etc.

Solutions available

You can address this need by purchasing Severe Illness Cover. Insurers can also refer to it as “Critical Illness Cover” or “Dread Disease Cover”.

There are two categories of severe illness cover:

Severity-based cover:

The policy pays benefits based on the level of severity of your medical condition or event. For example, the size of the benefit will differ where you suffer a minor stroke as opposed to a major stroke. Severity-based cover tends to be cheaper.

Diagnosis-based cover:

The Diagnosis-based cover will pay the full benefit, provided that certain medical criteria are met. This type of insurance, therefore, tends to be more expensive.


Facing this risk head-on will give you control of your life.

The alternative is to live at the mercy of circumstances.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin


Contact us and let’s help you prepare for the unexpected.

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